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Sticky Blood

tyson oberle

Senior Member
tampa, florida
Again I would like to encourage you to see a hematologist to have your "sticky blood" checked first for possible "von Willebrand Factor" (vWF).

There are other possibilities to research.
If you have a "23andme" DNA you could look for specific "rs".
Nevertheless, it would need a hematologist to confirm any discovery.

I have ice cold hands and feet and cold intolerance, can von Willebrand factor (vWf) cause that? Because when I see the symptoms for vWf I only see nosebleeds, easy bruising, blood in urine, excessive bleeding, etc; none of those symptoms I have. Incidentally, my anemia tests always show normal results. Also, I have been on thyroid meds for almost 20 years on and off, but I feel no difference when I stop for 6 months or more or when I am on the thyroid again for a year or so.