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Stem Cells Anyone?

Hello Everyone,

Just a post to let those of you who are VERY interested in getting Stem
Cells in Panama or Costa Rica, probably Panama, please private
message me.

My mentor was gracious enough to introduce to me to the very top
people at Cell Medicine when we went together to Costa Rica and in doing
so I have been able to negotiate with the Medical Directors an excellent
price/pricing system according to the number of people with CFS/ME
wanting to participate.

I will not be compensated in any way for this endeavor.
This is simply a pay it forward and a sincere wish for recovery,
as my mentor did for me and changed my life.
I truly want those who have HOPE with stem cells to be able to go within a
reasonable time frame and be able to afford (what I feel) is an excellent
price, and could be better depending on the number/s of people going.

Please only inquire if you are truly interested and willing to talk via phone.
I have alot of my life back and want to help those who are seriously
interested in giving stem cells a GO!

I am going to post how AMAZINGLY well I have been doing soon!

Please "Bump" so others may read.