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Statistics in ME- who keeps them?


Patient in training
I recently read on Osler's web that in early 1990, Gunn at the hem of the CDC kept lots of letters from dr and nurses personnally infected with CFS/ME- I can say infected. I am wondering if such statistics are being kept or available anywhere. Apparently thousands of nurses in the US. This would certainly help me with my disability cause- or at least sound the alarm to other nurses to watch for exposure to body fluids. It sounds like it is not airborne but saliva would be the easiest route of contracting the disease. Maybe in the future, nurse will be masked or shielded when approaching a patient for close contact care???:eek:


Over a decade ago, a government vet told a person with ME I know of (trainee vet) 'that they didn't want people's viruses infecting their lab'.
E.g don't use your blood in our facility.

Now that was because for some reason or another the trainee vets were using their own blood samples for research in a tube or something that was also used for animal testing - I have no idea why, but I remember the comment.

I found that a bizarre thing to say, but it looks like they knew long ago.
(Hence the blood restriction donation in the UK).

As for Nurse transmission to patient, I agree.
At least we'll get taken seriously, if too late. :mad:

One doctor gave me an injection and wiped the blood off my arm with his bare finger (no cotton wool). People mostly think it's a big joke, not helped by people 'curing' themselves with CBT - thus proving they don't have ME CFS. There are videos on youtube of people 'tapping' their face to control/cure CFS. Seriously!

It'll take a long while for people to realise the true nature of this illness, until there is some government decree. Will they want to scare people though?

Society is made paranoid through fear (Swine Flu, Terrorism etc) to control us. This time though, they don't want us to know.

Think of the cost. Blaming us was way cheaper.