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Started Serrapetase and Samento today - Odd reactions

Actually I got Doctor's Best Natto-Serra with Serrapetase and Nattokinase. I took one capsule before I left for work today, around 1pm. Right before I got to work, I think I over did it and took 5 drops of Samento around 2pm. Not sure why I did that. One drop didnt seem like it would be enough.

Then took another capsule of Serra-Natto at 2:30. I started getting confusion after the Samento as I was sitting at a traffic light. It turned green and I wasnt sure if I should go. It took a while to process. Luckily I wasnt far from work.

While leaving the stop light it seemed if everything was happening fast, like I was speeding but I was only doing 35mph.

Now that Im sitting here tat work typing this I feel flush and cold sweating. My vision is a little blurry and Im some what shaking, like intermittent Parkinson's type of movements.

Its actually very difficult to think and type this. Its such a weird feeling. Im' also spelling everything wrong. This whole paragraph is in red and Im having to use spellcheck on almost every word. I think I should probably not take Samento for the the rest of the day.


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Samento is very powerful for me. I could only tolerate 1/8 th drop at first. I had scary symptoms and migraines from 1/2 drop. I am up to 14 drops though now and tolerating it well. For some, we have to start with a very low dose to get past the initial cascade of symptoms.