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Stanford University To Open A Center For Studying Bad Science


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(Not to do with ME/CFS specifically)

Stanford University To Open A Center For Studying Bad Science

So meta

Francie Diep
Posted 03.21.2014

Among Stanford University's palm trees and sandstone arches—the picture of ivory-tower—there's going to be a center dedicated to chipping away that ivory, The Economist reports. The university plans to open a Meta-Research Innovation Center: a center for the study of bad science.


Epidemiologist John Ioannidis will lead the Meta-Research Innovation Center, The Economist reports.

continues at: http://www.popsci.com/article/science/stanford-university-open-center-studying-bad-science


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
Examing why intelligent people, educated people, and supposedly responsible and rational people, completely ignore and refuse to deal with bad psychiatry is one of the goals in my investigation. Its not going to come down to a simple answer, its a complex soup of issues at so very many levels.

One issue an institute may face is that taking on big pharma is a huge ask. Taking them on and the psychopsych factions at the same times might be politically or pragmatically difficult. I can only hope that once they are fully established they widen their focus to include psychopsychiatry.