Spring is Making Me Feel More Cheerful


Senior Member
The arctic weather that had been hanging around for a month or more has finally moved on. It was quite a long time at -30C to -40C. Now it's above freezing during the day, the snow is starting to melt, and there are even bits of mud in spots. Yay mud! Well, at least until it gets deep enough to be a problem.

The warmer weather has been making me feel more cheerful and energetic. I don't think it's actually reducing my ME symptoms, but it is a psychological boost. Today I ordered new metal roofing; replacing my old shingles will be this year's big project. I didn't even want to think about that project while it was cold enough for moist fingers to freeze to metal. I'll have to experiment with how much work I can actually do each day without triggering PEM.

I could have paid to have it done, but then I'd probably be extra depressed by 'admitting defeat'. Completing it myself will probably be a psychological boost in itself.

I hope others are able to enjoy spring too. A time for hope and renewal.