Spinal Cord Stimulators


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I have a question and hope a few of you can provide some answers. Has anyone had a spinal cord stimulator implanted within the past year or two? If so, has it reached its potential and erased the pain for you and, even more to the point, has it last longer than a year?

I was approached about having one implanted a number of years ago when they were still fairly new. At that point, I found out that the stimulator effect generally wore off after a year and nothing seemed to make much difference.

I have a problem (and it may not be that unique to me) but I form a fair amount of scar tissue very early on. If the stimulator leaves me in the same position I am now, I'd go for a year of pain free living. However, if I form even more scar tissue and I'm left in even worse pain, then I don't want to go ahead with the plan. Does anyone have any input? I won't be having this for at least 2-3 mos. out b/c of an infection I'm now fighting. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Yours, Lenora