Spain: Dr. Eva Martín Martínez


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Unlike other Spanish doctors, Dr. Eva Martín Martínez is one of the very few doctors treating ME/CFS patients according to the latest biomedical research. In 2016, she told her story in her own words:

Eva Martin Martinez 2016 said:
My interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome began 4 years ago, I knew very closely about two severe cases of atypical presentation, one was a patient of my practice and the other a family member. Both took 3 years to be diagnosed.

I cannot explain the frustration I have felt over the years in having two patients so affected, and where, one after another, all the diagnostic tests to rule out all the diseases I thought existed were normal.

I understand the lack of trust and the rejection that many patients feel towards conventional medicine, because I have to admit that we are not up to it, that which we can not confirm with a test, it does not exist, or it is an invention.

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