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Some Light Reading …It’s Only Skin-Deep, but I Think It May Matter

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Having had a series of less-than-great days, and being rendered incapable of any kind of in-depth research or reading, I was concentrating (using the term in its loosest sense) on the lighter side of more-or-less-research, and stumbled on this: 10 Things The Lines In Your Face Say About Your Health

I was dismissing it as witless word-wastage, until I read the part about patches of crepey skin on the left cheek, one of which in fact appeared for me about 6-8 months ago, or at least that’s when I noticed it. Since I no longer wear make-up, at least for now, I don’t spend a lot of time peering intently, or even passingly, at my reflection.

So maybe it isn’t wasted time after all, and maybe it’ll help someone else unravel a small riddle.

And if we unravel enough small riddles, we may get to a large answer. Or maybe just a different question. Who knows?

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