small veins

This is for people who have small veins and have a hard time getting labs done.
At one of my doctor offices they have a small ultrasound machine that helps them
find the veins. I’m trying to see if I can buy one.


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Hello @purplelady .....I also have very tiny veins and it's a bit of a nightmare to have blood drawn. If you request that the phlebotomist use the smallest needle, one for a baby called a blue butterfly, you'll find that it shouldn't be an ongoing problem.

I've had problems at the hospital when they don't show up with an assortment of needles sizes. I no longer let them draw blood unless they have the size I've requested. A Sr. Phlebotomist told me this many years ago, and indeed it does work. Don't let them scare you by telling you they may not get enough blood. It has never happened in all of the years I've been doing it. Save yourself some money. Yours, Lenora.
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