Slide presentation of Dr David Patrick. BC Center of disease control. Vancouver BC


Patient in training
Glenp alerted me that Dr David Patrick gave a talk at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, about XMRV. After a little bit of digging, I found his slide presentation that you can find at this link: (it would not be practical to post it here.) Patrick March 19-10.pdf

The good news: For Canadians and people in British Columbia, this is excellent news. XMRV is being talked about. The word is being passed. Maybe even my doctor will hear from another source than me.

They are talking virochip- Nice...

The OK news: They know about the UK studies. They are waiting for other replication studies. They are not tossing the Lombardi study away.

What I wonder about- They seem to know ME/CFS is a chronic debilitating disease- Yet how much do they know? Do they know about epidemiology of ME/CFS in our community? Do they know about Canadian Consensus? Will they focus more on prostate cancer or CFS? Where has he been all my life? :innocent1:

So I guess there is some hope for us. I hope.