Sleep disorder, auto-intoxication, sticky blood

These are 3 of the more interesting CFS causes I've come across and ruled out, but thought I might share.

1) Obstructive sleep apnea- including central sleep apnea AND UARS (upper airway resistance syndrome) should be ruled out. I am 44yr, 5ft5in, 115lbs. In all of my years of struggling, it wasn't until 1 year ago that a doctor even considered this for me. It never crossed my mind because I don't fit the "typical" demographic for a sleep disorder. My testing revealed moderate sleep disturbance, however instead of apnea, I was having "respiratory effort related arousals". I dug a little deeper and found some remarkable information into UARS:

I ruled out allergies with skin prick and blood tests. My ENT told me I had a caudal deviated septum (seen on MRI but not reported on MRI). I have always had issues with chronic congestion, especially when laying down. I went on to have surgery to correct the septum and reduce the tissue in my nose. I felt like I might have had a significant initial benefit, but I feel like I relapsed in Mid March. I just did a follow up sleep study last night so we shall see.

2) Auto-intoxication/auto-brewery syndrome- this is a super rare but fascinating phenomenon. Since one of my worst symptoms is what I call "drunk brain", and since I have chronic IBS-D and did have a stool analysis that revealed this type of yeast growth... I had my doctor run a blood alcohol level test. It was negative, however still something to consider.

3) Sticky blood syndrome or Hughes Syndrome- this is an issue with unusually thick or sticky blood. It's also called "Antiphospholipid Syndrome/APS" and is associated with blood clots but not always. It is often misdiagnosed as MS due to symptoms with ANS including circulation, balance, and OI. Professor Graham Hughes in London has pioneered the research in this and found a "milder" form of this with symptoms consistent with CFS/FM. I tested low level positive for ANA and my antiphospholid antibodies were mildly elevated. Treatment consists of blood thinners. The rheumatologist I saw advised me to take aspirin to prevent clots, but further investigation revealed that aspirin alone is oftentimes not enough. That dr was not confident this was a true issue and didn't wish to pursue with stronger blood thinners. I worked with a naturopath to address potential "thick/sticky blood" with several natural blood thinners- but I didn't find significant relief. - check out the different body systems affected- so interesting

I've looked in to many other causes, a lot of them obscure, and might share at a later date. But these are fascinating and I would encourage every CFS sufferer to look into them.