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Site similar to PR fo Lyme disease?


senior member
Concord, NH
I would think so, but cannot guide you directly. I think there are Lyme groups on Facebook. Not sure how similar to this site you are looking for?



Senior Member
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for this list. I used to visit Lymenet and Eurolyme a lot, and I'd been wondering if there are any new Lyme forums. I have checked these out and added some of them. Where do you think I could find the best discussion of the new culture that was in the news recently? Is it really the miracle it was made out to be?
From their pdf:

Bb culture nuts and bolts
Sensitivity exceeds 80% if the patient is symptomatic at the time of blood draw and not on antibiotics for at least four weeks
All negative controls have remained negative so far
As with all blood cultures, may need several sets to be sure
Any positive test is significant, even if it is the only positive out of a set of three
We have found that the success of culturing Borrelia can be increased by following these simple recommendations:
The patient should not have been exposed to any antibiotics, even those not known to affect this organism, for a minimum of four weeks prior to the blood sample being drawn.
Borrelia are more likely to be recovered from patients who are symptomatic at the time of blood sampling.
A higher yield may be seen if the blood is drawn in the early afternoon, when most infected patients feel especially ill.

80% sensitivity is quite common for Western Blots. Of course "well characterized samples" are always used. Don't know what these people are using.