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Shortness of breath while trying to sleep (sleep apnea)?


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I have the exact same thing that it gets harder to breath when I strain my muscles and that can happen very fast if I use my muscles the wrong way etc

And now we have someone else, :). Yes, physical exertion like body building tightens my muscles in an insane way.
Compression helps with pain and muscle function as I can do more with compression.

Yes, I've read that from people having MS-Hug. They use an elastic silicon band to constrict their whole chest which brings some relief.

I wonder if this is related to the lymphatic system in some way..

That's the question, but I've incidences for it are becoming more in my lifetime.

How do they help with your symptoms?

This is the strongest incidence for me that my lymphatic system is damaged. Taking immune pushing meds push my ring pain in the upper region, for instance over the thoracic duct/subclavian joint and coninuing taking meds moves pressure to my upper back neck, but relieves them in the lower regions.

Then, my entire chest, neck and head tissue begins to heaten up, which was mostly cold before, I then got twitches in many muscle groups. I think this is a global immune inflammation. Blood pressure elevates up and I got severe dizziness, breathing issues and jittering.
I was first in hospital because I couldn't understand the situation. They couldn't help, by the way, and said I got all these symptoms because of a psychological crisis.
However, they draw blood from me and my symptoms were better after it. So then, I thought there was something in my blood.
Later, I tried to detoxify my body with spirulina, zeolite and coal and discovered that in fact it cools all my heated tissue down after a while, and the pressure moves downward.
Because of this, I assume my lymphatic system doesn't detoxify that good.

This is not an allergy to immune pushing meds because the effect takes a time of many days to appear, for instance with selenium or interferon.
So, my body couldn't handle the cumulative effect of these meds.

My personal opinion is that bacteria/viruses/fungi die in these phases, leaving many dead material in the body. And because this isn't drained that well by lymphatics, the immune system panics and inflames the whole tissue.

And what do you mean with cup your chest? Push it outwards?

t would be great to find a MD to discuss this with. It also feels like hypoxia like the muscles are starved of oxygen when the oxygen/energy demand increases.

Yes, I think that, too. But I got ionized oxygen liquid into my vein, which yielded some energy, but muscles were still tight.
I think more we're on permanent intoxication like is someone bodybuilds 24h hours around, but I think it relates very much to infection because it is sensitive to interferons and selenium.

You can read more of my experience in this post.