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Shingles Vaccine (Shingles vax)


Senior Member
Has anyone tried the shingles vax (shingles vaccine) and have anything to report about it?


Senior Member
I've had shingles four times in total. We've had all of the shingles vaccines, the first being only about 50% effective.

As soon as the new one became available, we had it. We are way over the age of 50, and I would suggest that you get a doctor's OK before embarking on this.

However, neither of us had any really undesirable symptoms, apart from the usual ones, that is. This newest vaccine is very protective (something like 95%) and is supposed to last for a lifetime. It's given in two doses about a month apart.

I don't think my body could withstand another bout of shingles....the three together left me rather bedridden for a year....just horrible. This was before the antivirals became widely available and the symptoms would drive anyone crazy. Worse though, is the neuropathy that lingers. Severe pain, although a lot of mine has resolved with time...but I'm lucky.

I under that it's about $300 if you have to pay for it yourself. We didn't as Medicare covered the cost. I finally decided to take a chance and get it myself as my doctors couldn't decide whether or not I should have it. Sadly, it should also be noted that a lot of doctors have never actually seen shingles themselves. It's becoming more common all of the time with the aging and immune deficient population. I hope this helps. Yours, Lenora