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Severe hyperacusis. What helped you?

I thought I’d post about my case here and see if anyone can help. Not sure if this is the right section so if it isn’t, could one of the admins move it to the correct place?

have been suffering from severe hyperacusis for a long time. It was cured through homeopathy, but it came back after some time and the remedies stopped working. Then I tried LDN and experienced wonderful results for a long period of time. That was temporary too. It’s back and extremely hard to deal with. Custom earplugs (expensive!) and noise canceling headphones don’t help. I suspect it’s something internal, a malfunction in the brain. Not sure if it’s inflammation. Anyway, it came back a year ago and I’ve tried just about everything but nothing works. Have reacted to everything I’ve tried and then have to stop the treatment. What has worked for you?
It’s so bad for me that any sound, even someone talking to me in a normal tone and volume, causes it to get worse. What happens is a experience a worsening in my weakness (which came back after the LDN stopped working). So these two things are connected, weakness and sound sensitivity. I know some people experience pain when exposed to sound, I’ve never had this problem. It just makes me weaker the next day.

thank you and look forward to hearing from some of you.


I'm sorry you have such severe sensitivity to sound. I have a milder version, but sometimes I still feel like I'm crawling out of my skin, especially if my husband starts eating an apple. Thankfully, noise-cancelling headsets still work for me. Anyhow, I wanted to give your question a bump. I have often wondered if calming herbs or sups or anti-anxiety/GABA-promoting meds could help.