sensitive to medication

I told my doctor that I am sensitive to medication and supplements.
She did not seem to understand.
They should have some lectures
for doctors about this.
Also lectures about cfs and immune
related conditions.


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Yes understand.There seems to be some of us who are quite sensitivite to medications,supplements,chemicals,etc

Seems that not everyone is textbook in regards to responses to standard doses.My suggestion would be to remain courteous and respectful to doctors while stating your concerns and standing firm when need be

I understand there may be times where benefits of herximg may be worth it for some to get the benefit but this seems to not apply to everyone and at the end body chemistries are unique and should be treated at such

vision blue

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Same here, as was my mother and grandmother. I believe for me it is some version of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. For a while I thought maybe we had some genetic variant on one of the P450 enzyme family and were "poor metabolizers" of certain classes of chemical substances, but now think its the MCAS like thing)

As for docs not understanding, all I can do is shake my head. Medical world is supposed to help and be our allies, yet are often for me the biggest source of stress (and bitterness).

(i now follow the "1/10th rule" I read about somewhere. After adjusting for weight, take only 1/10th of that recommended dose; perhaps this is an upside to overreacting. )