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Seeking help finding a sympathetic Endo in the South of England

Hello, I am British by birth and living in France at the moment.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with a cancerous polyp on my right vocal chord. I had an operation to have it removed, and then a series of 39 radiation treatments. A few years later I developed multiple symptoms of illness, and it was then discovered that my thyroid had atrophied as a result of the radiation.

I am cancer free, but have endured cyclical problems ever since, which, from my research, appear to signify a probably adrenal problem. I am now treated with 100 μg Levothyroxine for the thyroid. My attempts at finding a doctor who would prescribe desicated thyroid have been futile, and the doctors and Endo i have seen, do not either, seem to 'take on board' adrenal fatigue/problems. All that happens when presenting with my problems is a tweaking of the Levothyroxine dosage.

I am now having arrhythmia problems which are triggered by anything that gives me excitement - to the point where I don't even watch a boxing match or exciting drama on TV. Days on end of palpitations - was in the Emergency Department of the hospital last weekend because of this. I am seeing the Cardiologist again in about three weeks. But I have hit a brick wall trying to discover what I will describe as a "sympathetic" Endo here, and so, because I travel to the UK to see my 95 year old mother I would like to try to see an Endo over there in the South of England.

So after telling you an abbreviated version of my tale of woe, I'd welcome hearing from anyone who might know of someone on the South of England I could make contact with. I'd be grateful for your help and advice.


Senior Member
Sorry I don't know of a good Endo in the south of England. I was seen at St Mary's in London and they were totally unsympathetic. At least towards ME and the concept of adrenal fatigue etc. They were only interested in ruling out Addisions disease.

Dr Hyams did have an interest in this area but he has gone to Canada now.

Sorry to hear how the radiation treatment left your thyroid atrophied. It may be because of your special circumstances a NHS Endo would be more sympathetic than to an ordinary ME patient through?

Maybe Thyroid UK could suggest someone? http://www.thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/

or hopefully someone else here will have a better idea.


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South East, England
Hi @24man,

I'm on the waiting list to see Dr Lulsegged, consultant endo at PRUH (Bromley, London). I can't comment on his adrenal/fatigue viewpoint but I mention him because I was referred by his colleague, a cardiologist that specialises in POTS/Arrhythmia, as part of a larger investigation into my orthostatic intolerance.

I wonder if you might do well seeing both of them as they work closely together?