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Seaweed. Good source of iodine, iron, manganese, zinc


Senior Member
When I get sushi for lunch isn't what the wrap is..and is that enough of a serving?

Nori, and yes it is quite sufficient. Be aware of Hijiki though, doesn't sound like that would be to helpful.

Whole Foods has it, but it is expensive.

Really? It must be the lack of economy of scale, Nori is cheap here. Onigiri can be found at any 7-11 with Tuna, Salmon, or Bonito flake fillings wrapped in Nori.

Funny thing is, a Corn dog is called an "American Dog". :_


Senior Member
i bought some a while age from an asian grocery shop. got it out from the freezer last night and ate it. was nice. next time i am near the waterfront i will find some sea weed, bring it home, dry it in the oven, and try eat it.