Scared again

While I have had a bunch of symptoms over the last 5 years they have been mild. Over the last few months I have had mild bloating that has turned into constant bloating. Horrible after a meal but even without eating its constantly bloated. Can’t find relief and I realized it’s not took to away. Scared to eat. Has anyone experienced this level of bloating? Would love some guidance. I have a few scopes scheduled in the upcoming weeks.



Sorry to hear about the bloating, that can be so uncomfortable. You might want to consider a SIBO test as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can be a common cause of bloating/gas. It is probably more common in pwME because we often have compromised blood vessels and nerves, including the ones that serve the intestines. We also tend to have dysbiosis.
You could also consider a comprehensive stool analysis like the one offered by Doctor's Data and other similar labs to look for candida (ferments sugar, producing gas), other pathogens, and to get an idea of digestive function and inflammation.
Typically a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor would order these for you. You could also do a trial of a lowFODMAP or AntiCandida diet and see if you get any improvement.


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Hello Jpac.......Bloating is fairly common to a lot of us. Sorry about that. Charcoal helps, but it can also interfere with the absorption of medicine in the lower just be careful when you take it.

You can also use products like Gas-X, etc. No sugar foods often have substances that create gas, so you may want to be careful of them.

I had to have GI surgery not too long ago, and it only made the situation even worse (not the reason I had the surgery, it was for something else). Bear in mind that these issues get worse with age. Have you tried foods with probiotics (not pills)? Yogurt, sauerkraut, dill pickles....things of that nature. All may help.

Of course now we're going into a not great time of the year for these problems. Too much sugar, too much alcohol....too much everything it seems. It's good that you're having tests....they may disclose something. Yours, Lenora.
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I had severe IBS and have stopped symptoms through fod map ... The pain and bloating was off.the scale


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When bloating became a problem for me, it was associated with weight gain around my middle and it exacerbated a hiatal hernia I have - ugh! My physical therapist and my deep muscle therapist both insisted it was all the meat and dairy I was eating (I had already given up all grains with the exception of oatmeal). After fighting them about this for many months (after all, I had been happily eating lots of meat and dairy without issue for decades), I finally tried two meat-and-dairy-free weeks...and all the bloating went away, as did most of the weight in my middle!

I tried adding a little meat and dairy back, and the weight and bloating came back immediately.

Moral of the story: What our bodies need and tolerate changes over time.
I (finally) listened to my body, and all I can say is, although I thought I would, I really don't miss the meat and dairy because I love not having all that bloating.