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Salicinium Trial for Viruses...as it relates to Nagalase and GC-Maf


Moderation Resource Albuquerque
This sounds very interesting! I wish you the very best on this trial.

Keep up posted.

I am going to participate in a clinical trial on for Salicinium,
I will continue to post my progress on this thread.

I look forward to seeing what you post. When I searched for Salicinium one of the best finds was at http://www.slideshare.net/chadpriddle/salicinium-12260170 which clarifies the action.

If you or anyone finds more helpful information about
1) Measuring Nagalase levels
2) Getting and using GcMAF
3) Getting or making and using MAF 314
4) Getting or making and using MAF 878
5) Getting and using Salicinium
6) Other non-patented effective treatments for ME/CFS or cancer
THEN please feel free to send me a document or a link about it.

My hope is to build a detailed tree of questions, answers, and arguments for and against those answers that will be easy to explore and extend. The form of the tree is derived from the nearly ancient IBIS, Issue Based Information System. An expensive but helpful book about the approach is called Dialogue Mapping, by Jeff Conklin. I think it should be on a wiki and freely available for both reading and extending. Wanna help with that effort??

Richard AKA Dick@CFCL.com