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Saga of the semicentennial sick chick


"Deal with it"
Illinois, USA
Its old so now i dont rememver but if calcium chsnnel blocker hped (im going from memory) , in principle magnesium may as well start very slow and very gradually increase dose

Woe hospital fot a whole monyh. How are u now? If i have enetgy will retrad ykur post and try to resurrect the other thoughtf
I take 400 mg of magnesium 2X a day plus what is in my multivitamin... I occasionally use spray oil of magnesium also. Should use it more regularly :whistle:

I was only in the hospital for 5 nights - Got out on 9/5/22. I was not shock converted until 11/1 because they were trying to see if the medication would convert me first. Sorry for confusion! I would be raging insane (insaner? more insane? lol) if I was in the hospital for a month. Five days had me climbing the walls. I didn't even sleep one night - was up talking to the nurses and reading all night. :huh: