Rule Breaches on the 'Lyme Disease and Co-infections' forum.

Please note:

The 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' forum has increasingly become a platform for controversy and personal attacks.

Some threads in this forum are/were peppered with ad hominem attacks and other personal attacks, sarcasm, rudeness, and other rule breaches.

It is all well and fine to debate contentious issues in a constructive manner. It's not fine when the debates turn to personal insults, bullying, and general rudeness.

Most of the infractions have occurred on threads related to lyme testing.

It is not a rule breach to state an opinion regarding any lyme test. An opinion can be positive or negative. Nobody deserves to be maligned and insulted for having an opinion.

It is not a rule breach to question the validity, reliability, specificity of lyme tests from any type of lab (Private or not).

It is not a rule breach to suggest that Lyme can be misdiagnosed via lab tests.

It is a rule breach to turn on a member whose opinion doesn't jive with yours and respond with a personal attack.

Lyme is a controversial disease and this controversy is unlikely to resolve itself without further research. Nobody on this forum has THE definitive answer due to lack of research and/or due to conflicting research.

If you wish to debate with another member, you can respond with your opinion and hopefully provide some research that defends your stance. Another member might produce research that defends an opposite stance. This kind of situation will never be resolved by posting rude comments and violating our rules. There are members who will not even enter into some debates on Phoenix Rising due to members immediately attacking them personally rather than commenting on the content of their posts. It should be possible to enter into any debate/conversation without violating the rules.

Being a member of Phoenix Rising means that you have agreed to the rules. It is an expectation that members will follow the rules especially after a moderator has contacted them regarding a rule breach.

The moderation team has repeatedly asked members to avoid making personal attacks, yet the rule breaches continue on this particular forum. This situation needs to be resolved. Therefore, if a member repeatedly breaches the rules by engaging in personal attacks, then that member will have their permissions removed so they will no longer be able to post on the 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' forum. There are other threads related to lyme disease on other forums. If there are rule breaches on these threads, the member involved will be banned from the thread in question.

Any member at risk to be removed from the 'Lyme Disease and Co-infections' forum will be contacted at some point during the next few days after a few of the recent threads have been reviewed.

Thank you.

Please note, do not respond to this thread in order to discuss any lyme controversies, to complain about moderation, to make obvious or veiled comments about other members.


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This warning potentially prejudeses all kinds of poor patients searching for direction...