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RPscyh apology for aversion therapy


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Psychiatrists Have Issued A Historic Admission Of The Harm Done By Aversion Therapy


The Royal College of Psychiatrists has issued a historic statement acknowledging for the first time the harm done to lesbian, gay, and bisexual people who were subjected to aversion therapy, the practice of using electric shocks or nausea-inducing drugs to try to “cure” people of their sexual orientation. "We hold our hands up," it said.

Campaigners and victims have heralded the intervention, from Britain’s main body for psychiatrists, as a “milestone” moment in the history of the LGBT rights movement.

But still Wendy Burn has her head in sand and ignoring harm of psychotherapy to ME patients.

Everyone should ask her on twitter why they have not apologised or even acknowledge the multiple harms and abuse by their past president Simon Weasley.

Thanks to the tenacious MEMilitant for trying to engage but being ignored. :thumbsup:
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This this sounds so familiar to ME victims of RPsych abuse. Same tactics used.

The most prominent and enduring of anti-aversion therapy activists is Peter Tatchell, who as early as 1972 disrupted a seminar given by leading aversion therapy advocate Professor Hans Eysenck at London’s St Thomas' hospital. Tatchell was violently removed from the lecture hall.

Twenty-four years later, in 1996, Tatchell again called on the Royal College of Psychiatrists to acknowledge the harm done to aversion therapy patients after his campaigning group Outrage! surveyed a series of psychiatric clinics and, a report noted at the time, “found that aversion therapy might still be available to lesbians and gays in 'exceptional circumstances'.” An NHS spokesperson and a Royal College of Psychiatrists spokesperson at the time both denied that the practice was still being used.

Tatchell welcomed and praised the Royal College for issuing today’s statement and called on the British government to offer compensation to victims.

"This heartfelt, historic admission that the psychiatric profession got it wrong has taken over four decades,” he said. “It is a milestone apology that was long overdue and draws a welcome line under the decades of psychiatric abuse of LGBT+ people. Nothing can undo the life-long suffering, and sometimes death, that was inflicted by these unscientific, barbaric methods but this expression of regret goes some way to heal the wounds."

Tatchell continued: “The next step must be to win compensation for the victims; for people like the family of Billy Clegg-Hill who died under aversion therapy and others like my friend John who was made impotent for the rest of his life. These abuses were mostly done by NHS doctors in the name of the public and at public expense. The government has duty to provide some recompense, in the same way that victims of botched operations are compensated."
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I'd have to disagree with you o the idea that ME Militant is doing a good job.

What he or she is doing is the equivalent of bursting into a pub and shouting at the nearest person who was talking about something completely different.

I share the view that this needs to be addressed, but spamming tweets at people with your own viewpoint is a) a great way to get blocked asap and b) a lovely way to further the narrative that ME patients are harassing militants.

Literally every form of advocacy that I've been observed to be successful in this field has been by playing the game and trying to influence within it. Whether it's writing to parliament, making a film, or publishing articles in a newspaper. Not stuff like this, which gives those who are against us more fuel to the fire, and whose only audience is the converted.