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Role of gut bacteria could be important in preventing type 1 diabetes


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Role of gut bacteria could be important in preventing type 1 diabetes
A study has revealed how important the role of gut bacteria may be in averting the development of type 1 diabetes.

Harvard Medical School (HMS) scientists report that gut bacteria are significant catalysts of autoimmunity and beta cell function, which can precipitate type 1 diabetes. They also state that their findings could open up treatment avenues to maintain a balance of gut bacteria.

The researchers ...
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@Gondwanaland The paper linked to at the end of the article has some interesting things to say about autoimmunity. :thumbsup:

Protective major histocompatibility complex allele prevents type 1 diabetes by shaping the intestinal microbiota early in ontogeny
This report brings a new perspective on the decades-old question of how MHC and HLA complexes can potently protect against a variety of autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes. We demonstrated that protection by the MHC-II Eα:Eβ complex operated via modulation of the composition of the intestinal microbiota during a critical early window of ontogeny, associated with modification of the local immune system. These findings prompt a model of HLA/MHC-mediated protection from autoimmunity, and raise the question of whether disease-protective alleles in other human autoimmune diseases or models thereof might operate by a similar mechanism. They also argue that treating infants and pregnant mothers with antibiotics should be minimized.


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thanks for this... very interesting..

I'm curious about the inflammation of the pancreas.. I wonder what caused this, or where it falls in the chain of events (eg, does a dysfunction microbiome have a big & negative impact on health of pancreas??)... It's probably not that simple, but I'd love to understand the relationship better... Taking Wobenzym (and similar products that contain pancreatic enzymes) has been in top 3-5 positive impacts in my health... (greatly reduces pain, stiffness... cognition is better b/c proteolytic enzymes help break up all the pain/pressure in my sinuses... big improvement on QOL)