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Revised MEA statement on retrovirus XMRV and ME/CFS



Question: Why would someone who claims to have had ME, yet has a full time job and has fathered 5 children say such a bizarre coment as it won't 'resolve' the debate?

Who told him to write this?

Do people with auto immune arthritis who run charities, when faced with earth shattering news a life long infectious virus is found in their blood - suddenly claim it wont resolve the debate?

What on earth :mad:

There is no psychological 'debate' in ME CFS.

ME is classfied as a neurological disease state by the world health organisation
G93.3 ICD-10.

There is a 'debate' amongst people who DENY ME CFS is a disease
of the central nervous system, which it is classified as.

He is a part time, private GP.
That is all.

I don't care if he is a mouth piece for the psychiatric lobby, you would never, under any circumstances if you had ME say there is a 'debate' if the disease is mind/body.

Anyone who says so, is a traitor.

Shall we 'debate' Lupus and MS next?

I think not.


My view of the MEA is that they do a reasonable job (much better than the AfME who collaborate with Michael Sharpe and other psychiatrists) for those with mild and moderate M.E., but appear to have no understanding of severe M.E. - most sufferers of this are members of the 25% Group.

M.E.A are at least trying to fund research into xmrv via their Ramsay research Trust. AfME only fund psychological research.

he doesn't seem to know that the private Breakspeare hospital in Hemel Hempstead are hoping to offer xmrv testing.

Alice Band

PWME - ME by Ramsay
It's too soon to tell if XMRV has anything to do with ME. As far as I am aware no one with pre-CFS ME has been tested and has their results.

It may be that the CFS epidemic outbreaks were the same as ME and as Dr Peterson has the samples we now have proof.

I really do hope that this is the case. Even if it is "only" another passenger virus it's still another very important point.

Charles Shepherd is right to be cautious as the MEA is receiving lots of very upset calls from frightened people. He doesn't want to make any mistakes and is being conservative.

When he says that it will not resolve things he is totally correct. Right now Barts hospital in London, the enemy of every person with ME in the country, is working to argue against this finding and is intending to "try" and replicate it.

Their intention will be to prove that there is no association with CFS. They have the support of some of the Psychiatric patients that they treat.

If by chance, Barts does find the virus in their patients, they will claim that CFS is enough to keep it under control and no further treatment is required.

It helps to keep focused on where our real enemies are. I don't think that the current MEA and Charles Shepherd fit into that category.