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Retrovirus Positive CFS Patients Show Enhanced Response to Ampligen(R), an Experiment


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antibody positive, ampligen no help

i corrected my post above. i was indeed positive for antibodies. i also have a severe case of cfs, and ampligen did not help.


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cansado.....9 months and little improvement? interesting. i know of many who improved almost immediately and many who did not. its so strange. i used to correspond with a woman in europe who said some take 3 - 4 yrs of ampligen to recover.

i think i read somewhere that even andrea whittemore took a year to start to feel better the first time she took ampligen (but of course this info could be wrong).

perhaps the amount of damage to the immune system or co-infections make a difference?
I believe there was a post awhile back that said Andrea Whittemore stopped Ampligen about a year ago, but just recently started it back. It may have also indicated that she was going to start at a lower dose and increasing the dosage as tolerated. Also, I thought there was statements made that the starting dosage for Ampligen was being studied because the drop out rate for people trying it was high due to side effects and there was evidence of improvement at lower dosages. I believe I read most of this back around the time of the WPI grand opening. I'll try to find it.