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Retrovirus information site

Jerry S

Senior Member
The site MicrobiologyBytes has comprehensive information on retroviruses, including murine leukemia virus, which is of the genus gammaretrovirus and the family retroviridae (Just found that out).


Most of the stuff is way beyond me, but others may find it useful. There are videos and a "Pretend to be a Retrovirus!" game at the bottom of the page. I found it fun but a little weird.

The Google news feed for retrovirus at the bottom of the page has the New York Times article with a picture of Andrea Whittemore. Word is getting out.


Senior Member
I was reading up on retroviruses when I found a talking glossary that is absolutely wonderful. I love it.

I wish there were glossaries just like this one that covered every aspect of science, but unfortunately this one is limited to about 200 genetic and genomic terms. (That's enough to get me started.)

A cheerful, knowledgeable person briefly explains the term in a very clear, relaxed way, sounding a bit like a popular college lecturer. While he/she talks, you can watch a photograph of the speaker or you can see a beautiful illustration that goes with the little talk. Or you can read a written definition, usually about one paragraph.

I have a feeling that I will actually remember the things I learn from this glossary. I'm going to go back and read Kerr's research, just so I can use the talking glossary as I read.

The search function is fast. Try "retrovirus." Here.
The website says:

The Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms

Listen to researchers explain more than 200 terms related to genetics and genomics.

View more than 100 color illustrations and 3-D animations.

Test your knowledge of genetics in two online quizzes.

To reach this educational resource designed for learners at all levels, go to

Hi Advocate,

Thanks for the link for the talking glossary. It is very cool! It is still difficult for me to understand but between the illustrations and the explanations from the narrator it is doable. I found Google Scholar the other day and it is also really cool but too difficult for me. You can search for CFS + most anything and find a scientific paper on it.