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Retrovirus in Eggs and Poultry

Sofa, UK
Here's the paper discussed in this video, it's from Jan 2011:


This large study provides evidence that a human group with high exposure to poultry oncogenic viruses has increased risk of dying from several cancers. Other occupational carcinogenic exposures could be of importance in explaining some of the findings, such as fumes from wrapping machines. These findings may have implications for public health amongst persons in the general population who may also be exposed to these viruses. What is needed now are epidemiologic studies that can demonstrate whether the excess of specific cancers can be attributed to specific occupational exposures while adequately controlling for other potential occupational and non-occupational carcinogenic exposures.

So a fairly preliminary study, and not clear yet whether the virus exposure or other occupational exposures are the key factor, but it's suggestive that these viruses may be significant in causing some cancers.