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Retrovirology Publishes Five Papers on XMRV and Contamination


....... it is what it is ....... ok Mark, you can accept and believe in authority and wait and wait for them to tell you the answer - you will wait a long time. There is an agenda, there always is.

You state, "the use of the term conspiracy has become pejorative." ....... so? What has that got to do with anything? The term ME/cfs is pejorative, "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" is perhaps one of the most pejorative terms ever invented.

Every day that we, the ME/cfs community, accept the establishment position with ME/cfs, is just another day in hell - authority must always be challenged. Until the psychiatric school are removed from being primary carers we will quietly suffer and drown in very dirty muddy water. Worryingly, the Wessely brigade care not about that.


Hi Max,

I think you stepped in without reading or understanding the context in which my comment was made.

Agree that wessily and reeves have done us much harm.


"and this too shall pass"
Vancouver Canada suburbs