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Researcher Charged in Major HIV Vaccine Fraud Case (6-24-14)


Senior Member
Ashland, Oregon
I found this ABC News article interesting, especially the numerous references to how rare prosecutions occur in cases like this. This article makes it seem fraud like this happens fairly often, which makes me wonder how often it happens where the fraud is NOT detected.
Experts said the fraud was extraordinary and that charges are rarely brought in such cases.

Researcher Charged in Major HIV Vaccine Fraud Case
Below is a link to an article that goes more in depth on the fraud in the vaccine industry, and how flu vaccine makers admit on the box that it hasn't been tested for efficacy. (A good part of the article would probably constitute as a rant, albeit one that is well deserved). The immunity vaccine manufacturers enjoy most likely contributes to the ongoing fraud.

Vaccine researcher charged with felony crimes for research fraud; may spend 20 years in prison over faked AIDS vaccine