Researched Nutritionals - ATP Fuel or NT Factor Energy


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I have been sick with CFS for four years following a bout of pneumonia. My regular doc here in Victoria, Canada has been helpful and I have seen a lot of specialists, resulting in a diagnosis of MGUS (a precursor to multiple myeloma). But other than taking my illness seriously and putting me on higher dose of synthroid she has not been able to help much with my CFS symptoms.

In August I was back in Michigan where I used to live for many years and saw my old doc there who is a DO. He suggested trying ATP Fuel and I contacted the manufacturer as he suggested with very good results. I had to get the doc to call and add me on his list and they are now shipping the pills to me. I since called back to Researched Nutritionals and they gave me info on a couple of docs local to me who carry their supplements.

Most importantly this stuff really works in my case. I have gone from being forced to rest for hours most days to being more active again. My symptoms are now mild to moderate versus moderate to severe most days.

I still get knocked out when I have a virus, but taking the pills seems to shorten and reduce the impact even then. Many of my friends and family have commented on how different I look these days and I honestly feel I have come back from the living dead.

It was a hassle to deal with the phone calls etc to get started and that delayed getting on the pills for a few days, but it was well worth the wait in my case! When I talked to the folks at the supplement company it sounded like they have a lot of naturapaths, wholistic MDs, DOs, chiropracters etc prescribing this, but they do require you to have a doc of some kind to prescribe it.
@Roberto7 Was it more Cost effective getting this directly from the manufacturer through the doctors ordering information?