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Research Update March '21 Prof. Ron Davis (video)

Ben H

OMF Volunteer Correspondent
For those that can't watch or listen (from my Twitter!):

-Difficult last year due to COVID-19

-However used archived blood to do studies, especially with Mark Davis.

-Ability study; has helped Whitney, preliminary study with Hector Bonilla and Laurel Crosby seems to help a lot of patients.



-However was not a double-blind study, has multiple limitations. Need to do double-blind study. Hard to get funding, however are working on this. Hope to have over 100 patients for this.

-Wants to do bigger molecular analysis similar to Severely ill patient study.


-Severely ill Patient Study not published because still analysing huge amount of data. Limited by amount of personnel.

-Data being helpful to a lot of other researchers.

-Study helped narrow the focus.

-Including biochemistry + genetics never looked at before in patients.


-Ron excited by this as could give new insights and treatments to try.

-Hope to get study started via donations.

-Red Blood cell deformability may still be important, prior discrepancies between experiments may be down to blood draw timing and sample processing etc.


-Thinks there probably is a deformability issue.

-Recent study with COVID-19 also found deformability difference. In that case, it's possible COVID-19 patients may have MECFS, or virus causes deformabilty change-don't know yet.


-During pandemic had virtual meetings, researchers participating in meetings too.

-4 grants written in that time.

-Data analysis also continued.

-Has set up to move much more rapidly in doing experimentation, initiated new things, will talk about at later time.


-Up and running now, pretty much full capacity.

-Grateful to patients now coming in and giving fresh blood samples.

-No problems in laboratory, Stanford has done a great job and also the county at keeping virus suppressed.

-Thanks from Ron.

Hope that helps. There is much more detail on the video.