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Research Match.org, you might want to sign up?


senior member
Concord, NH
A research team with University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, believes you might be a good match for the following study:


If you are currently in a romantic relationship and if both you and your partner are at least 18 years old, then you are eligible to participate in an online study:

The Quality of Humor in Relationships Study:

  1. Is voluntary
  2. Can be completed online
  3. Takes 20-25min
  4. Provides feedback on 12 empirically validated dimensions, comparing your answers to thousands of other respondents on…
    • Quality of your romantic relationship
    • Your personality
    • How you use humor in your life
  5. Involves a 3mo follow up
    • Completely optional
    • Very short (10-15min)

If you are interested in this study and having the research team contact you directly, please select the "Yes, I'm interested" link below. By clicking the "Yes, I'm interested" link, your contact information will be released to the research team. If you select the "No, thanks." link or do not respond to this study message, your contact information will not be released to the research team.