Research Interview: Daniel Missailidis



Research Interview: Daniel Missailidis

By Jason Murphy
Smart people – people who keep an eye on ME/CFS research in Australia – are excited. A new paper by researchers from Latrobe University and Monash Health came out in February this year, with further research on the very tantalising evidence that people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome have an energy production blockage in their mitochondria. The paper reports that cells from ME/CFS patients are trying to bypass that blockage by using inputs other than glucose to create energy.

The paper gels with other research from around the world that has also suggested mitochondrial problem and changed use of energy inputs. It has created quite a splash – not least because the lead author is just 26 years old.

Daniel Missailidis is that author. The young Australian researcher’s career is one worth watching in ME/CFS research. And given his age, that career could be long.


Why Choose ME/CFS Research?
ME/CFS research is a small pond. While for some people the underdeveloped nature of the research field might be a turn-off, for Missailidis the lack of research on ME/CFS is motivating. That’s why he chose to get involved, from the very beginning of his research career.

“There were a few projects I could have chosen, to start working in the lab,” he says. “The CFS project stood out to me. I did some reading about it before I chose which project I wanted to take up and having seen the dire need for new research in the field it convinced me it was the project I wanted to pursue.”

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