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Reputable Online MRI / CT Second Opinion Sites?

Has anyone tried any of these?

I'm looking for cost-effective (SS Disability fixed income), and don't want to go further broke on this DD. I'd consider the CCI Drs. that do online consults, but up front I'm not looking for major surgery, so I'm guessing they're not interested in my case.

(After 26 years of ME, I finally have MRIs & CTs with 'mild' diagnosis [cervical bone spurs, facet bone-on-bone arthritis], but nothing that accounts for more rapid & complete debility in past few years.)


Senior Member
Hello hikinglo......I don't think it's necessarily true that most doctors advise surgery. I've had this for a very long time and I've found that surgeons have plenty to do and really don't like to take chances.

If you have those diagnoses with MRI's and CT's, then go ahead and use them. Both may be enough for you to get what you want, although most people are turned down the first and/or second time. Just have your file in good order and as many reports from doctors as possible. I wish you well. Yours, Lenora