Report on the Mikovits talk


Slow But Hopeful
Couchland, USA
Wow, I am so impressed at Lannie's note-taking abilities! Excellent summary, so thorough.

I have a couple of things to throw into the mix from my notes on the lecture...

First, I heard Judy say that the reduced CD19(antibody producing) was replaced by increased CD20 which makes autoantibodies. I think this is a key point since there is so much conufsion as to whether it is an autoimmune condition or not. I am strating to feel like it's not an either/or, but a subset issue. WHat does anyone else think?

Also, a sentence that struck me enough to write it down was this:
The envelope proteins alone can cause oxidative stress, vascular leakage, glutathione depression, and system dysregulation.
I presume she meant XMRV, but I wonder if this is true for the other viruses? Any thoughts?
She suggested then addressing ox stress, Gsh depl and DNA hypomethylation, but since these are downstream, I wonder why? Since I don't know enough about virology, I wonder why we can't address the env proteins directly? Or would that be the same as trying to address the virus as a whole?