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Removal of mercury amalgam fillings


All I know is I got severe CFS and Fibromyalgia within a month of major dental work. And 8 months before the acute onset of my illness, I had 5 amalgams replaced with... more amalgam. The dentist, as sweet as she was, flat out lied to me when I asked her how much mercury was in the amalgam. She said 5%. Not 50%+ . I am now housebound and am in constant horrible discomfort. Indescribable neuro-physiological symptoms all over my body, as if it's corroded. Especially in my head. And the fatigue is beyond anything I've ever experienced in all of my life. Every minute of every day.

I am actually HOPING my CFS/Fibro was caused in large part by amalgam fillings. Because then I would have hope that, if I removed them, I might get some relief. But, I don't want to kid myself either. Hope is cheap.

Sorry for complaining. It's just that you are the only people who may truly understand.

Any more success stories?


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Ashland, Oregon
Any more success stories?

Hi @LifeIsSweet,

I ran into an account (below) a couple years back and think it's really quite a remarkable story. It illustrates quite vividly how mercury toxicity can be so devastating for people who can't adequately detoxify it from their bodies (such as many pwCFS). I thought the last paragraph was particularly interesting.

I might just mention that when I had my own amalgams removed, there was decay underneath almost all of them. If that kind of decay continues unabated, it can lead to major stuff that could necessitate expensive crowns and/or root canals. I truly have my doubts I would be alive today had I not had my amalgams and metal crowns removed about 15 years ago.

My Mercury Story
In the mid 90s, despite being athletic and energetic, I began experiencing various health ailments. These ailments worsened and grew in number year-by-year. By 2000, I had acquired 17 specific physical ailments ranging from fatigue to immune weakness to constant ringing in my ears. I could only work about 4 hours per day and had to take daily naps. I knew that something was seriously wrong.

I finally stumbled upon the cause of my problems while speaking to a friend about her health issues. She told me she had Chronic Fatigue and had healed herself after 5 years of visiting doctors and getting nowhere. She told me that she had her amalgam ("silver") dental fillings removed one-by-one, as she could afford it, and it had changed her from a bed-ridden state to a normal, working person. She told me something no dentist ever had:

Amalgam dental fillings contain mercury, the world's most toxic, non-radioactive metal.

I started conducting research on the Internet and found that I was not alone. Many other people were suffering just as I was and they had determined the problem was their dental fillings as well.

After spending numerous hours researching this issue, I had my amalgam fillings removed in couple weeks and my life changed forever, and it happened virtually overnight. A few years later, I realized that not only had my physical symptoms gone away, but a number of phobias vanished as well. My relationships improved, I became more social, my memory improved dramatically, and I realized how life is supposed to be lived.

Now, looking back, I realize that I lived most of my life with a number of negative personality traits and emotional ailments that were actually caused by mercury. My bad memory, extreme shyness, very low self esteem, fear of commitments (especially in relationships), history of suicidal thoughts and fear of confrontations is now gone, not to mention horrible depression, and all of these changes have dramatically improved the quality of my life.
Oh my! Thanks so much for letting me know about this success story. The account has strengthened my resolve to have these cruel amalgams taken OUT.