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Recovery Factors and Equilibruim

hello, I have booked at both of these and each show some promise in helping. Can ante say which they think might be better to try or start with please


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You'd have to post some links to whatever they are, because I've never heard of them as products or services. Also, with ME, no one else can tell you which treatment will work for you, personally, since we all seem to respond differently to things. What works well for one person will do nothing for another, and make someone else feel worse. There's no way around having to try something yourself to see if it will work for you.

If the treatments aren't specific for ME, there's not much reason to expect them to help, regardless of marketing claims for "boosting energy" or "healing the immune system" or whatever. As for treatments specifically for ME, there really aren't any that I know of. Some people have recovered, maybe (not absolutely proven) due to specific treatments but I think those cases are for very specific situations, such as having a certain type of viral infection, or spine problem, or other comorbid condition.

In short, my feeling about treatments is that there's a very small chance of any specific treatment working, and that an herb or spice in your kitchen is about as likely to work for you as any high-priced, well-marketed treatment clinic or treatment protocol. Unless money is not an issue for you, I recommend trying cheap options first, such as herbs and spices, dietary changes, supplements, and other such things reported by some people as working for them.
Thank you. I have tried a variety of supplements, diet modify, so that's why looking at supplements that have some evidence base and in clinical trials. I may have spelt one wrong so the link is
I appreciate not all fits so I just wanted experience with either of these


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If you search this forum for oxymatrine (the ingredient in Equilibrant), you will find a lot of info.