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Recent ME/CFS Documentary- The mysterious disease that affects millions of people worldwide DW Documentary.


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The mysterious disease that affects millions of people worldwide | DW Documentary - YouTube
DW Documentary 42.26min

ME/CFS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is a severe neuroimmunological disease. Not much is known about the disease, and there is virtually no treatment. However, recent studies show that the effects of chronic post-Covid-19 syndrome greatly resemble ME/CFS. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or ME/CFS, is a devastating disease. It often leads to a high degree of physical disability. Some 17-24 million people are affected by ME/CFS worldwide, with women affected more often than men. Despite this large number of sufferers, ME/CFS is relatively unknown to both the general public and physicians. Even though it was included in the International Classification of Neurological Diseases by the World Health Organization as early as 1969, research into the disease is still in its infancy. Currently, there are no drugs or therapies available to treat the disease at its root. Those affected are usually labeled as depressed or mentally ill. But the new virus Sars-CoV-2, which has infected more than 100 million people worldwide so far, makes the disease particularly relevant. Some people infected with Covid-19 still suffer from long-term effects weeks and months later — and their symptoms look a lot like those of ME/CFS sufferers. #documentary #dwdocumentary #cfs #chronicfatigue

Rufous McKinney

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My husband and I watched this yesterday....(he had been reading...I turned it on....he ...kept watching).

Excellent film! Definately worth spreading the word to get folks to watch: plus we have Dr. Prusty and Dr. Carmen S.......