Recent Bullseye, prescribed doxy - it is the best abx for the job?


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Hi guys,

I found what looked like a bite behind my knee a few days ago. Earlier in the week, I had developed hives, was super itchy, the joints in my hands had swollen, and was lethargic and brain fogged. I saw a doctor who prescribed three weeks of doxy at 200 mg a day.

I live in North Wales, in a sheep farming area, and have a dog. I guess it was on the cards I might get another bite. Still feels emotionally pretty awful though. I first got diagnosed with lyme ten years ago, and went on a long tortuous journey to rid myself of it.

And I'm out of touch. Is doxy the best abx for the job? How long is best to take it? I'm also taking Buhner herbs and mega dose C.

Any suggestions or info? I've been told to have a blood test on the NHS next week - is there much point, given their unreliability?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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I cannot give advice about antibiotics but I can offer some advice on what not to do that could affect you in future.

I would go with whatever you have used before and avoid anything which you have not already swallowed. That is because the pathogen which causes ME will adapt to anything that you consume and will become resistant to it. That will reduce your chances of being successful in destroying the pathogen(s) located in your digestive system which causes ME.

It's the same for Buhner herbs. I am extremely careful with what I take making sure that I do not give them chance to adapt because I have already made that mistake on a number of occasions in the past. Those herbs will no longer be effective against them. Turkey tail mushroom gave me the strongest ever effect in the area that they are located when I consumed it for the first time. The 2nd time, nothing. The power of biofilms. BTW Lyme can also create biofilms which protect them. Taking some anti-biofilm supplements might be worth doing when you take the antibiotics. Interfase plus and possibly Biofilm Defense, I prefer Interfase as it is more complete. Take many capsules at a time at least 30 to 45 minutes before you take the antibiotic depending upon the form of the antibiotic. Tablet antibiotics might take longer to break up and be absorbed so you might take the Interfase+ earlier. You could use Interfase in place of Interfase+ which is better because it has more enzymes per capsule and no EDTA. I would get some EDTA powder, it's quite inexpensive and put some in some size 0 veg capsules. You do need to be careful not to take too much EDTA because it can be damaging in large doses when give by IV. You also want to keep it away from your teeth because it will harm them if it comes into contact with them. It binds to metals such as calcium, magnesium and other metals that make up biofilms. The enzymes in Interfase break up the constituents of the biofilm.

Using a Quorum Sensing Inhibitor to prevent the Lyme bacteria from signalling to re-build the biofilm would be helpful. The best that I know of is BFB-1 and BFB-2 they are essential oils with QSI and Efflux Pump Inhibiting properties. BTW taking antimicrobials and herbs will encourage the Lyme bacteria to create biofilms in your bloodstream which will make it harder to destroy them. Be aware that BFB-1 & BFB-2 are labelled for external usage which is probably to get around the US FDA. I aim to create liposomes with BFB-1 & BFB-2 to prevent the oils from combining.

Quorum Sensing Inhibitors to stop their signalling to re-build the biofilm
Enzymes to break up the biofilm(s) + EDTA to bind to the released metals
Some Efflux Pump Inhibitors would also be helpful to stop them eliminating the antimicrobials. If you can find some common foods which are active against their Efflux Pumps then consuming plenty of those food(s) would be helpful. If you can find something then eat/drink that regularly so it is active in your bloodstream when you take the antimicrobials. ;)
Antimicrobials, one's which you have consumed before.

Wash everything down with lots of water.

BTW Copper is meant to bind to spirochetes, sort of mop them up and make it easier to get rid of them and to some degree to help stop them spreading. Therefore it might be worth you finding some food high in Copper 1. It's the natural food copper which is different to supplementary copper. If you crave certain foods check to see if it contains high amounts of copper because the human body sometimes knows what it needs most although at times it can get it very wrong.

Best of luck.