Reason for Pulsing of immune modulators

What is the reason that Dr Klimas and Cheney tell us to take drugs like imunovir in a pulse method? I have been taking it for years now, did have a !00% improvement which I thought was the imunovir, but have now had a relapse. Initially before the first improvement I took it every day for 18 months and carried on for 2 years while well. I then continued to take it at only 2 per day for a couple of years while I was well but after 4 years of wellness I've relapsed again. I have been taking it 6 per day every day mostly for 18 months ( taking the odd weekend off). I am still housebound and having relpases after exercise. I asked about this on another thread but I can't find it again - perhaps someone answered but there is nothing showing on an icon to say I've added a post. So I'm trying again. I'd be very grateeful if someone could tell me what is the reason behind pulsing as my Dr doesn't seem to know.


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pulsing is suppose to stop u from getting tolerant to the med, but have heard others using it like u and saying that when they pulse, feel worse on days with lower or no dose. Maybe u could try another immune modulator, one i am looking into is cycloferon, it appears to work similar to immunovir. and is cheaper then immunovir. i probably wont use it till next years as im in a cfs study involving natural killer cells so cant use it yet, but im keen to try it. If u do let us know how u go. , thats promising how u improved 100% on immunovir. Maybe u could alternate every 3 months between immunovir and cycloferon.

thanks for that helpful reply. Will ask my Dr about cycloferon. I couldn't believe when I relapsed after being so well. I thought the nightmare was behind me - seemd to be able to do anything and cope with anything for 3 years or more. I went through a really stressful period and didn't take care of myself. It really stresses to me the affect that stress has on the illness. I kick myself that I could have been so stupid!

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The thought behind isoprinosine is that your can become tolerant if you keep taking it. There was a study on cancer patients in which taking it continuously led to an initial enhancement of immune response followed by an immune depression. However it is not well understood how this drug works, and CFS is not cancer. I would say that if you think taking it continuously is what caused your remission, take it the way you did last time.
Kutapressin is an immune modulator and a broad spectrum anti-viral. Dr. Cheney has found that it is most effective when the dose is varied or "pulsed".The thought behind isoprinosine is that your can become tolerant if you keep taking it.However some research has shown that it may have direct antiviral effects as well, anti-retroviral in fact.This means no time to research and worse no access to any kind of supplements.