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Really Alternative-Gallium Nitrate, BHT


Senior Member
In my endless search for a magic bullet, I ran across an website that describes many uses of Gallium Nitrite. The person initially used it on horses for navicular disease, which renders a horse lame, according to him. He put some in the feed and it seemed to make that horse and many others with it well. I am interested in using it topically for severe low back pain, as at anecdotally has helped some arthritics in this manner. There are other articles on his site (George Eby Research) that discuss the anti HIV and herpes action of GN and Hi dose Zinc in Cancer and as a patent for shortening the duration of the common cold.

Another study he cites about Gallium is its effectiveness in a form of mycobacterium in horses and rats.

I also tried BHT with no success, about a month ago. I was using 250 mg capsules, which were relatively cheap. 500 for $25.00. There are a few blogs and a book about it's effectiveness against Herpes Simplex and some anecdotal reports about its ability to lower cholesterol. I have familial Hyperlipidemia and will never touch a statin again, so anything alternative in that area always piques my interest. When I took the BHT, I got achy in the lower back (which isnt really outside of normal) I noticed my eyes got very dry and it seemed like my vision was very myopic. I was concerned that my eyes were deteriorating, so I stopped. Does this sound like anything close to the regular antiviral side effects.

Sorry for the long rambling post. Thoughts are not in any order lately.


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I am curious about gallium nitrate. It acts as an antimicrobial by interfering with iron uptake in a large array of bugs and pathogens... but doesn't interfere with human iron metabolism if I understand correctly.

It is being used by some patients. I'm not sure of its safety profile......

Very intriguing... starving the bugs of iron....there are papers that project it could be useful as a therapeutic.. but I don't see any actual GaN therapeutics on the market..... just people experimenting on themselves.