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Reaction to Claritin...thoughts please.

I think I have high histamine, so I tried a small amount of Claritin yesterday, and I think it helped with the breathing symptoms and weird head feelings from what I think.

However, I must also have a new chemical sensitivity b/c I've been reacting to everything over the past month or so. While the Claritin helped with some symptoms, it increased the head pressure that I think is from chemical toxicity, so I stopped it. Now I'm a mess today, feeling weird in the head, a little dizzy and breathing difficulty.

I also tried a small amount of Daosin today (1st time) and took liver supp, vit C, mag/cal - just a little of each. And it feels like I've overwhemled my system or something.

Anyone ever experienced chemical sensitivity? I don't know what to do here. Help please. I could only sleep 3 hours last night and left work today. (I never missed work prior to this issue over the past few wks).


Senior Member
Hi mindy,

Sorry to hear you're feeling puny.

It's hard to say what caused this since you only
tried a little Claritin once. I typically try something
3 or more times by itself and watch for reactions.

You could also be intolerant to Claritin. If I remember
correctly, this med is typically made with lactose.

Zyrtec is a popular first time mast cell medication.

I found that children's dye free benadryl worked
great for my breathing problems. Take a little
and see how you do.

Also dietary restrictions are the first and foremost
treatments for allergies. I'm intolerant to most
accepted foods on the low histamine diet but
by avoiding my biggest triggers, gluten dairy, soy
corn and chemicals I get by.

tc ... x