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I currently am in Montana and was reading in my tour book about how people visit abandoned uranium mines to breathe in the radon gas for its purported health benefits.

The information from the book is below.

After having done a whole lot of detox and a whole lot of bug killing, fixing the endocrine system seems like it might be the next step for me. The idea of stimulating the pituitary gland seems possibly appropriate.

Of course, breathing in toxins on purpose sounds counter to my usual goal. The fact that radon is a wholly natural substance makes me think that its not in the same category as toxins (such as mold toxins) that have a manmade chemical base to them though.


Here is a peer reviewed paper about the use of radon for arthritis:


Best, Lisa


The old town of Boulder lies at the center of a rich mining area. Its spent mines have been put to a new use. Radon gas, in low concentrations, occurs naturally in the mineshafts. People who suffer from a variety of ailments, including cancer, asthma, and lupus, have found relief descending the mines and breathing the radon-rich air. Called health mines, these strictly non-AMA-approved facilities have become so popular that peak seasons are reserved for weeks in advance.

In 1950, a California woman who suffered from arthritis accompanied her husband into a uranium mine near Boulder. She noted a marked relief from the constant pain to which she had grown accustomed. She related her experience to a fellow arthritis sufferer. The friend also visited the Boulder mine, and her stay produced the same rapid recovery.

Word of the miracle cure spread, reaching an early peak when ife magazine sent a news team to cover the stampede of people arriving to seek this underground cure.

Just why the cure seems to work hasnt been adequately explained. Radon gas is a naturally occurring gas formed when radium, in the process of aging, oxidizes. This radioactive gas occus in Basin-Boulder mines in levels deemed safe for miners but in concentrations considered therapeutic by the mines many promoters. Sympathetic researchers content that radon gas stimulates the pituitary gland to produce health-giving hormones and natural steroids, which can ease or eradicate the pain of conditions caused by hormone dysfunction.

The recommended cure involves a careful regimen of contact with radon gas. Patrons are asked to spend no more than one hour at a time in the mines no more than three times per day. About 30 hours of contact with radon gas is considered to be the optimum treatment. WIthin the mines, there are sofas, tables and chairs for the visitors comfort; card games and reading are the usual pastimes.
Radon gas therapy is not medically approved in the United States (the European medical establishment is less hostile to radon gas therapy), and the owners stress that the mines are open for people seeking nonmedical treatment. There is no guarantee of a cure.

There are, however, many moving testimonials from people who have found relief from aggravated and long-standing afflictions. The list of physical conditions for which radon gas may be efficacious grows as the number of afflicted visitors grows. Sufferers of arthritis, migraines, eczema, asthma, diabetes, and allergies have testified to the mines healing virtues.

If you have questions about the health mines, contact the Boulder-Basin Chamber of Commerce (www.bouldermtchamber.com) or contact the following mines directly at Free Enterprise Health Mine (406-255-3383, www.radonmine.com), Earth Angel Health Mine (406-225-3516) or Merry Widow Health Mine (406-255-3220, www.merrywidowmine.com).

Radon therapy is very popular; if you are considering a visit, call ahead for reservations and dont be surprised if the facilities are all booked up. Also, dont come expecting a four-star spa; accommodations can be quite rustic.