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Questions for those who interrupted LDN naltrexone


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I have read many reports of people stopping their LDN to resume it later for the loss of efficacy.

One month ago I took Prednisolone for 3 days and this seems to have almost completely nullified my LDN tratment. The fatigue isn't back (yet?) but the pain is.

I have reduced my LDN dose a little, but am wondering what would happen if I stopped it cold turkey.

I am also wondering if I take a brake from it, will it work the same if I resume it after a month.

Any experiences?



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This is only my experience but I have found that it is fine to stop LDN cold turkey but if you stop for more than a few days it is necessary to slowly titrate the dose up again. I recently had surgery and knew that they would give me opioids so I stopped LDN for a few months and I am now trying to titrate back up to an effective dose.
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1) a while back: I ran out and after five days, nasty symptoms started to return. I take it continuously and don't take planned breaks.

2) I was unable to refill my Rx while abroad...and just ran out about 20 days ago. I had 5 left (3.5 mg)...and took them every three days, and noticed I was not doing as well over the last few days... but hard to ENTIRELY pin that down what with the other variables. But the Ikky Nasty symptoms did not seem to flare up so I did Ok.

So I am back on LDN starting: now. Didn't gradually work back up...

Been on LDN for about four years. That said- I still got worse this last year....much worse. So it didn't prevent that. I assume the Spector Of Much Much Worse- would have occured with out the benefit I"m getting from it now.

Too bad we seem to have no ability to: evaluate our own metabolic condition, and make tangible determinations as to what some key effects are...instead we have infinite subjectvity.