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Questions for Ron Davis re ME/CFS research


Because everyday is Caturday...
What is the status of the proposed scaling of your nanoneedle diagnostic assay technology? Have any outside researchers validated your findings relating to identified ME/CFS biomarkers using your assay technology?

* Seems I had ME on the brain when I was thinking of questions, the making them covid-19 related completely escaped me at the time.
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* regarding the IDO trap hypothesis:
- were more patients tested for matching mutations? are we still in 100%?
- you have previously discussed a test to be performed, one that required a sensitive spectrometer you were waiting for. Was this test conducted? what are the results?

Thank you!


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Would appreciate any general updates on your and Dr. Phair’s research.

Any updates on Fluge & Mella’s cyclophosphamide trial? Why hasn’t this been published yet?

Thank you.