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Questions for New York area people


Senior Member
Hi All, I have been going to Dr. Enlander for a few years and have done several rounds of Kutapressin, to no avail. I'm a little frustrated because it seems like I wasted a few years on this drug, getting worse. I fell hurried in and out and probably due to CFS, I forget, am too exhausted and not get all of my questions answered. Does he typically move you to antivirals/bacterials. Mycoplasma and Cytomegalovirus are high, also EBV and HHV. Is Susan Levine more aggressive, faster??? Any other doctors in NJ or NY that people have gotten any results with. I originally went to Dr. Enlader because he took Horizon BC, now that that is over, maybe re-asses the circles I am running in. I live in North Jersey and going into NYC is an all day, exhausting and expensive affair. Parking anywhere near his office is cost prohibitive.