Questions about heart rate monitoring

Does this thread have any specific suggests for monitors that will do the individualized things many want? In my case, I want a monitor that I can glance while walking or standing or going up stairs or whatever whenever i want to see current hr level, and preferably oxygen saturation as well. And the numbers hould be nice and big and dark so it can be a glance and wont cause me to walk into lampost as i squint to read what it says. Plus I also want ablitiy to EASILY upload the raw data from say an hour period (raw data meaning a reading say every 5 seconds even is high enoug res) to an excel spreadsheet for inspection as i see fit. (I don't want an app that decides to graph what it wants to graph and does not give me access to raw data) I'd also love a heart monitor where I can calculate heart rate variability as well fron the data , but willing to forgo that for now if it had all the other features. Everyone seems to have different requriments so if was a list people contribute on what theyve found out - features and the like - that would be awesome. Before i follow the link (oddly exhausting to follow links for me), anything like that in there? @-Jessie- awful on loss of somehting that was useful. I feel your pain! btw, with the dash in front of your name, i almost tagged the wrong jessie