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So, here I sit, reading about CFIDS/ME and I found something referring to it as "chronic mononucleosis". And it made me think of something my sons and I were just talking about earlier today...how many of us have suffered with cold sores?

The article discusses EPV as being "a one of the member of the family of herpes viruses and once infected, the patient carries the virus for the rest of his/her life, though in a dormant state." I was curious about this, because having worked as a nurse, I am aware that a very small portion of the population can be exposed to herpes viruses but never show symptoms - whether there is some sort of immunity, or the body does not recognize it, they are simply carriers, etc.

My father, my former husband and my son all frequently break out with a cold sore, so obviously, I've been exposed to it. I, myself, have NEVER had one. Ever.

Probably nothing to this, just curious whether others here experience cold sores, wanting to see if there's some theme here or not.

Another odd, trivial bit of information - I do not appear to react to poison ivy, sumac or poison oak. I'm horribly allergic to most furry animals and ragweed, pollens, etc., but never had a problem with poison ivy, et al. We used to spend a LOT of time at the lake when I was a kid, and most of the time I was running around the woods and fields like a wild child, so I HAD to have come in contact with it at some point...all the other kids did. But not me.